Ann a'misa Chiu 
is an aspiring Librarian and artist.

A'misa is the founder, co-editor and publisher of Eyeball Burp Press
a small art press of zines and art publications. 
The weirder and wilder the art, the better! 

She teaches and lectures about zine publishing, 
especially the contributions of Asian American zinesters.  

A'misa has her MLIS in Library and Information Sciences from 
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. 

She also holds a BA in Visual Arts/Art History and Criticism from UCSD.

Currently living in Portland, Oregon, A'misa, and husband Alex, 
are active with their involvement and collaboration with the 
local zine and comix art community. 

They are also passionate about justice, Asian American issues, 
and getting to know their local community. 

She loves gardening, reading science fiction, 
drawing portraits of her infant daughter, nature hikes, 
movie nights, and going on picnics with friends. 

Pigeon Feeding Performance
LA Roadshow: Sunset Blvd. Edition, 2012
Act justly, love mercy .