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    source:華海鋼鐵|Release time:2018-11-09

    2018/11/8--2018/11/11, The "PHILCONSTRUCT"exhibition held at SMX Convention Center and World trade Center in Manila.

    Our Booth No.305D, many of our customers visit our booth there.

    Shanghai Huahai Steel Co.,Ltd attend this exhibition for more than 5 years, develpoing our steel market there.

    Our main products on the show are PPGI/PPGL/GI/GL steel sheets and coils,roofing sheets .

    This is the second time we introduce our new department of commerical  kitchen equipment in Philippines.

    "The Building Construction Material, Equipment and Sanitary ware Industry trade fair."
    Philconstruct has been defining the landscape of building and construction in the country for over two decades and is the biggest construction show in the Philippines. The event will showcases products like building materials and components, construction equipment's and materials, building accessories, construction accessories, and essentials, interior design materials, exterior design products, building, and construction machinery and other related range of products etc.

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