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    Cambodia International Architecture Exhibition, September 2018

    source:HUAHAI STEEL|Release time:2018-11-07

    China is Cambodia's largest source of foreign investment. As of September 2014, China's investment in Cambodia has reached 10.1 billion US dollars.

    The main imported goods in Cambodia are garment raw materials, fuel oil, food, chemicals, building materials, automobiles, etc. The main trading partners are the United States, China, the European Union, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and Canada. China and Cambodia have a long tradition of friendship. The local people are very friendly to the Chinese and are the best choice for Chinese investment.

    This time, the main products exhibited by the company are color coating, galvanizing and aluminum-zinc plating. The main specifications are 0.1-0.3mm*914/1200/1219. The products are mainly used in construction, transportation, household appliances and other industries.

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