blessings to the roots, blessings to the leaves

This is my 3rd year living in Portland, and my 5th year gardening rather seriously. For the first two years, I had a community garden plot that I would visit a few times a week, but since I had our daughter Mazzy, I've been gardening as much at home as possible. This is my backyard garden in its first year. 

 Before: Earlier this year, my husband Alex built two cedar beds. One for strawberries, carrots and onions. And the bigger one for tomatoes and perennial asparagus. 

I also got three cubic yards of aged cow mature dumped onto our driveway. It was a lot of dirt! Tons of red wiggler worms in it. Such good quality *shit*

 Strawberry box. First time growing berries!
You can't even compare homegrown strawberries to store bought ones.

 My mom-in-law visiting this summer. 
Sauce tomato planter. I think I squeezed about 15 tomato bushes in there! 
All different types: Green Tiger, Roma, Early Girl, Black Cherry, Cherry.

 The Elecampane is getting huge. I planted this to make lung medicine in the fall. 
 Curry plant. The smell of this flower is amazing.
My neighbor and church friend, Asha helped me pick a big harvest of tomatoes.
This was only the first bucket!

This spring I planted a ton of perennial herbs, plants and flowers, and three fruit trees (persimmon, cherry and fig). I spent WAY over my annual gardening budget, but I justified it in my mind by telling myself that I was investing for the future. This was the year to plant the long-term plants, and this coming year would only be planting annual vegetables and flowers. I planted about 3 packets of nasturtiums, but it still wasn't enough for me. I want our tiny front and backyard to be BURSTING with greenery, especially because our home is on a hill with not a lot of trees.

So this fall I'm digging in allium and ranunculus bulbs in our sad looking front yard grass. I might plant one or two more fruit trees, and add about 10 more blueberry bushes sprinkled around the property. I want to seed a million poppies (especially the big tall purple ones). We also signed up for "Friends of Trees" spring planting, so we might be adopting an incense cedar tree or a mimosa tree for the side yard. Also I want to try my hand at planting a few hardy kiwi vines! Excited!


Megan Terasaki said...

L0VE this post! Ann, can you post more about gardening and what your experience has been like? I am really hoping to start a garden once Eric and I get married, and you're living my dream!

Hope all is well. Happy belated to mazzy!!!

Megan Terasaki said...

Ann!! This is AMAZING and I love this post! You're living my dream - Eric and I are really hoping to plant a garden just like yours once we get married!

Will you post more about gardening and your experience? I think this is amazing.

Hope all is well :) Happy belated to Mazzy!!