It's been a long while

It's been a long while since I last posted. I had a difficult time being creative while pregnant, and then once we had our baby, being creative has become almost an impossibility! I generally use any free time I do have in my front yard herb garden, or my backyard fruit and veg garden. I'm practically addicted to gardening right now in life. I just love being outdoors. 


-I'm graduating with my Master's in Science in Library and Information Science! Wow, never did I think that I would actually go and get my Masters. I have to say that I did ALOT better in graduate school than undergrad. I am a testament that you can overcome your lame undergraduate grades if you go back to school later in life! 

-We moved. We are still in SE Portland. But we moved into a larger home, so Alex could have a mini art studio, as well as have an extra bedroom for out-of-town guests. I'm loving having a big kitchen and my own little garden space. It's not a huge backyard but its a place to lay down some roots, so of course, I planted about 5 fruit trees! 

-I miss home. I know that I can't live in Gardena or Torrance right now in life, it just doesn't fit my lifestyle, but that doesn't mean that I don't care for it or miss the people that live there. I want to be near my parents and siblings and their children. But life has brought Alex and I to Portland, Ore. for a reason, and we need to be here long enough to figure out that reason. Alex is able to do his art here, and there are so many wonderful artist friends that inspire us and we love being around their energy and vitality. But I hold Gardena has a sacred place that I may one day return home to. 

-I haven't made a zine in a while, but I have been drawing portraits of Mazzy. I'll have to post those up soon. I have no clue if anyone would pick up a zine full of drawings of my daughter. Seems like a super personal zine that only I would care about.... Maybe I'll write some experiences mothering her. #mamazines

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