What do you when you are bored?

Here are some of the makeup I'd done in the past several months.
This one was done to show off my new Bobby Madness "Felony Flats" tee. 
Representing my beloved Southeast Foster-Powell neighborhood where I live now.
The lip stick was a berry stain from Yves St Laurent that my friend Grace gifted me, 
with a maroon lip liner beneath.
 I do not recommend using housepaint as lipstick.
I do recommend baby blue as a lip color though.
 Found a tube of black lipstick for 99 cent! 
Smooth, thick and moisturizing. This might be my new daily lip stick of choice, 
Just in time to usher in Christmas! So sick of red.
 One of my other newest lip stick colors is this mocha.
It's okay. A bit too brown for me. 

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