From wiggin to dreamin big dreams

This is me right now.  A bit wigged out.  A bit stressed, and mostly worried.

I want to do well in school.  Really well.  

Would it be weird if it was my dream to be top of my class?  To win the award for academic excellence.

They say don't worry about the grades, to just fall your interests and the grades will come.  I think I should believe them.  Them as in alumni.   I will.  I will let that be my lullaby for the evening.

Follow your heart, Ann, and everything will be alright. 

It's not over until it's over!

Love all y'all and cornbread and gyoza.

this is the sweat ring that Jillian Michaels causes
what do you look like when you work out?  
i like to send these pictures to my work out buds, 
you know, to keep us inspired

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