Asian dreads

hey folks.  
the other night, about a month ago, i was thinking of the song:

Turn your eyes upon Jesus
look full in His wonderful face
& the things of this world will grow strangely dim
in the light of His glory and grace.

I really love the version by the Fox and the Hounds.  
I would link it here but for some reason the artist took their videos off youtube.  
The lead lady singer sang a beautiful cover of "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus."
She had dreadlocks.  And a very geniune soul.  

This singer's hair led me to watching a bunch of dread lock youtube videos.  
 I got curious on the experience, especially because I was watching
videos featuring Asians with dreads.  There were several folks, doing a variety of methods and reasons, but overall I saw that their hair was taking the dreads well.  
My hair has been a source of experimentation for me 
since my 7th grade WORST HAIRCUT IN THE WORLD!!

So I decided to jump in and see for myself.

Feb 2013
 i backcombed several locs in, but did a really
lousy job on sectioning...
my hair is straight and super thick
the hair took well to the knotting tho,
got the whole head done with a crochet method

March 2013
newly sectioned... one month in

it looks a bit sideshow bob right now with the rubberbands
and now days I soak the hair a sea salt hot bath soak once a week 
and steam them daily

today (mid-March 2013)
taking out the rubberbands tonite... 
i think the locs are getting more established

HOW I Maintain:

have to wear a satin scarf to bed
and a beanie when i go out (for warmth.. its cold in portland)
but i like beanies, 
and nowdays i feel like the hair is filling in more of the hat, which i like.  

when my scalps getting itchy i spray it 
with a tea tree, rosemary and peppermint essential oil spray i made

also root rub and palm roll at night
i wax every other week so the loose hairs can stick

also i soak it every 4 days especially after a dirty/gross day of work

its been deceptively high maintenance but i think its because 
this is just the beginning

looking forward to my hair growing in the next year
left the bangs, might cut them short in front....

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