bunny rabbit gem, take 2

Lately I've been more inspired.  Maybe Alex and I have been working a lot more, so anytime that we get to spend together is wonderful.  I've decided that when he sits down and paints, I will try to too.  I actually like painting a lot, its just that the images come easier when I draw first.  When we moved to Portland, Alex bought a bunch of refurbished house paint that he mixed into all sorts of colors.  I'll be using housepaint on paper for most of the images.  

Today I painted 3 images for my new publication project


The main characters are these bunnies with gem shaped faces.  I'm not sure what their personality is yet.    I felt that they were too static so I made them into a hairband for this little girl.  Maybe they will become imaginary friends for the girl.  

Or maybe the girl has a secret treasure box full to the brim of stones and gems and geodes.  She has two special gems that vaguely look like bunny rabbits.  When she rubs them together, they sparkle and come alive.  They whispher truths and lies, they foretell the future to those whose futures are most set in stone, and they laugh behind your back.  She doesn't like these bunnies so she must figure out who gave them to her and how to rid her life of these bunny rabbit gems.  

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