car camping tips

if there is one thing i hate, its paying for housing on a trip.  it just increases the cost by at least 3x and by the end you give up buying pot from chinatown in order to stay an extra few days at the hostel in harlem.  fortunately for me, the last 3 cars i've driven around have fold down seats and make a comfortable double/queen sized bed.  throw a few wool blankets in there, a box of tissues, some clothful cloths for visual privacy, crack a window, find a chill spot to park, and you are set!

sleeper car for 2 @ Burning Man 2012

car camping spots can be hard to find, especially if it gets dark and you find yourself circling around suburbia.  Have NO fear, wal mart parking lots are always here.  as long as there are no signs that say "NO overnight parking, No RVs" think of the parking lot as a big bed to make yourself comfortable in.  Just make sure to pee before it closes or have your pee funnel and jug ready for those 'emergencies'.  theres nothing worse than having to piss on concrete, only for the smells to waft into your car at night. like a big smelly urine hotbox. hah! 

-Hospital entrance parking lots (the more people traffic, the better--no one will notice you camping out on the edges)
-College towns (near apartment housing or places where people aren't just parking right in front of their homes), bring earplugs
-underneath freeway overpasses (there was a spot like this near my place in culver city where all the traveling hippie busses would stay the while)
-Near a starbucks (think of it as your very own public restroom to wash up in the morning)
-Near a community college (sneak into the swimming pool and use the public showers--bring your own shampoo and towel, act like a student)

Eyeball Burp Mobile 2009

Futon and a cooler makes a sweet car camp

The other MUST HAVE on the road, is a way to cook food.  
We like to use a butane burner that we bought at the asian supermarket.   Its great for heating up soups, chilis, noodles, stirfrys, tea.  We usually bring a big sack of potatoes and onions on the road for us, incase someone offers us a shower and a place to stay the night.  Then we cook hashbrowns for breakfast as a gift in return!
 Sweet potato and noodle soup.  I love bottled udon broth.  So easy for the road.  

**remember to crack a window at night or the windows will fog up and then people will think you are doing the deed**

don't forget:
-can opener
-refillable waterbottles
-reusuable mug for tea/coffee
-cooking pot
-wooden spoon

food that stays good in a cooler:
-hard cheese
-protein bars
-spagetti sauce
-apples/plums or canned fruit

Happy cheap camping fun!!!


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