A little update on our happenings

  First weekend in Portland, I got to hang out with Danielle, long-time art school friend from San Diego who relocated to Portland a year or so ago. It was so nice to spend the afternoon with her, getting groceries at the Portland State University farmer's market, buying a rad little gold couch for her apt, taking photos of vintage store signs, grabbing delicious bier beverages at Apex, and talking about art and life and collaborating.  Fun fun fun.  She's radness.
Alex and I have been slowly trying all sorts of good food, as much as our measly budget can contain.  Here we are at the vegan cafe, Proper Eats in NE pdx. So good.  I've been dressing up my salads at home with raw shredded carrots and beets.  It just makes everything more colorish. 
 Also went to a rad witcheeezzz birthday party for Sean And Julia.  Sean is in the green and his comics are AMAZING.  The other dude is Wally who made a ginormous donut cake in the shape of Mondor (an Enchanted Forest thing).  We had delicious icecream cake that Andrice homemade.  She also cans everything and makes her own cocktail mixers.
 A trip to Mt. Tabor Park, where we dined on delicious red pepper spreads and cold cuts meats from the Russian deli.  It was really slopey, so we had to be careful not to roll down the hill!

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