its not moving on, its moving forward

I spent the past 2 years alongside staff at the UCLA AASC.  I worked in the Library/Reading Room as a research assistant.  There was a variety of projects that I helped manage.  One was a publication project of summaries of testimonies and witnesses registry from the 1981 U.S. Commissioned-CWRIC Hearings.  These hearings eventually led to the redress & reparations for Japanese Americans incarcerated during World War II.  Second, was as a processing assistant for the archival conservation, preservation and assessment of the Patrick and Lily Okura collection. Third, was a rat in the Library.  I helped train and staff the student assistants that ran the Reading Room.  I really enjoyed working with students and scholars to help them find materials for research.  

Felt apart of something real.  Some great things happening in the community.  The truest form of the melding of minds.  
The staff at the UCLA Asian American Studies Center...
for some reason all the men where away at the moment
The Speaking Out for Personal Justice Editorial Team,
Aiko Herzig-Yoshinaga & Marji Lee

Library/Reading Room staff SUPERPHO

my lil hippie sis, Hisa
goofballin' around

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