An academic crossroads to....

Ph.D in cultural studies (where I can read and research and talk about that which I read and research about for hundreds of pages in a paper that I hope to pass as a 'thesis')


Masters in Library and Information Studies (where I can specialize in rare books and special collections)

I'm at a crossroads.  HELP ME GOD.  I NEED GUIDANCE.

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PY said...

Hey Ann, if I can put in my two cents' - just keep in mind it's almost impossible to get jobs in libraries. I have a friend who got his MLIS a few years ago and he's still struggling to get even a low-level job in SF library system. Funding for libraries is so incredibly bad that if you want to work, you probably should look elsewhere. Even (and sometimes especially) academic libraries are getting major budget cuts, so they're not a good option either.

As for cultural studies, are you sure you want to go to school for that? Maybe you could do the same stuff but just on your own? I dunno, I guess the question is what you're really looking for...