tea & tadpoles

& if

if we could wrap this moment up,
would it be in unbleached muslin,
neon plastic tarps,
a woven purple blanket/
if i caught on fire
should i stop,
drop, and,
roll, and what if i kept rolling
turning over and over
until you could see me no longer
i rolled away one day
into the desert sanddunes
i dug a cave, waiting for you
to bring that blanket of our memories
we could upwrap it and smoke in laughter and joy
the blanket lay unfolded
swirling inside of it were you and i
prancing and giggling about
we were in love, are in love
i built a small fire from sage and peppermint branches
we blew into it so the ambers grazed our skin
we smear the ashes upon each other’s chests
made love near the hearth,
made tea in the morning after,
and lived in the moment.


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