so fine, it hurts

i met this dude, Eric Au, at LA Zine Fest.  
we got to chatting and he said he was working on a b/w foto zine project.  
i mentioned that i am into black & white photography,
gushing about my personal love for the darkroom.  i submitted to his zine.
next thing i know is that Fine Print, Issue No. 2 is sitting on my countertop.

its a beautiful, very nicely printed compliation of photography.  
the foto of the asian girl smoking is mine ; )

 so is this treasure.  
it got me an A in community college photography class
and its still one of my very favorite moments
(venice beach 2010)

the only thing is, I have NO idea who took what. 
bummer, really love a lot of the work.
get a copy, somewhere.  think they are 5 bucks (maybe?)
keep your eyes peeled.


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