Been Reading and my eyes been going out

thin wirm frames, gandhi-esque & utilitarian

A LOT.  More than is healthy, just kidding, reading can't kill you, right?  My eyes, are getting worse though--uping my prescription in January, when the good ole "h-i" gets kicking in.  Thinking about new frames, but staying within the budget of $130.  Let the search begin.

& striking

Anyways, I'm looking for something simple, that will stay at the bridge of my nose, and something i feel good wearing.  Light, simple, durable.  Not too eye-catching, but a style that is different, a bit unique in its own style.  Not too round, but not rectangular.   No plastic.  Wire if possible.   And under $130.

Reading List for Fall/Winter 2011:

A Game of Thrones.  Hooked immediately.  Don't know if I have the energy to go through all SIX books, an epic tale, but I really am enjoying George R.R. Martin's writing.  I like how he depicts the young girls.  Definitely has its clique archtypes, but he is good at character-building and inspires my own storytelling.  Gotta learn from this guy!!!! My dad is excited to talk "Thrones" with me, he already read all of them and watched the First Season.  He's on it, blue bonnet.  

Banana Yoshimoto's Goodbye Tsugumi seems a sad tale about two friends that never were.  The opening pages feel melancoly and nostagic, which Banana does very well and her novels have a consistant feel.  Yoshimoto falls into the Haruki Murakami, even if he seems to be a genre of his own.  Murakami graciously extends his hand and Yoshimoto, holding hands with Cynthia Kadohata, snuggle all together in a matchbox.  Though the same feel, Kitchen and GT differ in the fact that GT is not a memoir of Yoshimoto's life.  

The Golden Compass series.  If you haven't read it, you probably should.  I personally really enjoy when authors build entire worlds for their characters to live in.  

Do you like to read?  What are your favorites? I might not have read them, always love suggestions and recommendations!

I'm also writing a story about a girl who is from a lineage where magic is passed down from generation to generation, where they like it or not.  This is a story about a young girl named Lucy who dares to decide if that curse is true with her or not.  This piece jumps from Lucy to her granddaughter Emma and her daughter and Emma's mother Lilyrose.  

Tiff & I are going on a girlsssss trip.  I am exciteeeeed.  Music, singing, chillin in hot tubs, perrier and fruit pops, sand-duned waters, seals.  Gitty. 


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