Structural Installation, 2011
Mixed Media: hubcaps, housepaint, cloth, found objects

"Concrete Jungle: Salon at Clifton's"
curated by Melanie Baladato

Sufficed my desire to get out of the 2-D box
thanx moms & dad-bo for coming!
Also, thank you Alex with helping setup/breakdown the installation! 
(ur the luv of my lyfe)

close up of the mandelas
each hubcap had a special item attached to it, an item with much meaning

my grandfather collected seashells and made that frame for me when i was 8
Perhaps my favorite piece, don't even know the artist...

Concrete jungle for reals, Chris Hanke, Digital photos

Part of a piece by Tom McDermott, but I liked this part the most.
There was an identical photo on the otherside of the pillar.
I thought it was a little spirit tunnel.
Tom is one of my favorite geniuses.
Fiberoptics installation by Colin Prothro
Made out of plastic milk gallon jugs!

I had a good time at this show.  The artists were kind and very thoughtful. 
I was thinking that this might be my last show for the season--that winter would be a little bit more introspective mulling and wondering where my projects can go.  Still want to start writing my book idea.  Going to do that instead of grad school.  But still desire to get out of LA--too much smog and traffic.  

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theFourthie said...

cool mobile (and always the cute pigeons). happy to see the family supporting you :)