di wee garden!

tomatoers.  imagine these are the cuttings that alex's mom gave me in a mushroom container! 
haven't had a harvest yet, but i get two or three tomatoes a week.  got to pick them before the racoons!

  i got into gardening and horticulture last year when i got to grow and harvest a

plant.  from seedling to full size plant.  
And then i was hooked.  
A  little water, some sunlight, dirt, and poof! fruit.  
i saw god in the process.  it was too amazing to me.

so i started planting the seeds from the foods i was eating.  i eat all of vegetables, i love vegetables, so naturally vegetables are the things i'm interested in growing.  i love herbs too.  there is nothing like a fresh cut arugala, basil, mint, romaine lettuce salad with tomatos and a twist of lime.  Throw on a chili and some sesame/shoyu/rice vinegar and you are set for lunch, my friend.  

a gardening guru i know once told me to plant a lot of lettuces, because you can eat for days! 
red cabbage, chives, romaine lettuce and cosmic purple carrots

really quality (and affortable) starter plants if want to get a head start on the more heartier veggies.
now my garden is crowded, but promising.
a seed bomb experiment
but this ones for the birds!
just a coat of honey and more bird seed.
young agave plant,  I hope it continues to grow.
thanks a xtine & u joe. 

this is my pop's garden.
he calls it 'his ten-year project'.
the yellow maple in the middle is my favorite tree.

i got a bell pepper from Food for Less.  It was 75 cents.  We chopped it up and stirfried it with beef.  I saved the seeds, first drying them out in a paper bag, and then planting them in a little bit of dirt.  I watered the seeds two weeks.  I used an old eggfoam carton.  It eventually makes good little seedlings to plant into a bigger pot or into the ground.  Can't believe there are actually bell peppers here.  
green onions that I used and then stuck in water.  I think green onions like dirt better.  Never ending source of green onions.  
the minty is more healthy in its new spot.  mint likes shady, moist spots with good amounts of sunlight.  
plumeria and the tangerines
daisie, daisie
give me your answer due
i'm half
over the love of you
it won't be a stylish marriage
i can't afford a carriage
but you'll look sweet upon a seat
of a bicycle built for two!

Hope you start a garden too.  

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