Antoni and trying to inhabit

i've been trying harder lately to keep working at my art.  this means getting myself to show, to actually sit down and think about proposals and my concept.  My art has been very very manic over the years, hopping and skipping about from crocheting, to doodling, to fashion, to photography, to writing and collage.  I noticed that in all of that I've always shyed away from performance and sculptural pieces, but I love them so.  In fact one of the first major influences on my art path was Janine Antoni's performance called "Loving Care," a body piece where she paints the gallery floor with her long hair.  Her hair becomes a brush that sweeps across the ground, her body both the tool and the creator.  

All is to say, I've been mustering up the courage to perform.  Pushing myself to do public readings (even when I'm not 100% sure about my writing at this point) and dances in public spaces.  But also tapping into the age old sculpture work.  Maybe the collages aren't cutting it for me in a gallery setting.  That there should be something of more density, that takes up the matter in the room more fully, that the space needs inhabiting, not merely decoration.  So therefore I will presenting a sculpture for this next show.  

The Salon at Clifton's is a great pop-up galleryspace, organized by curator Melanie Baladato featuring local LA artists of all different mediums.  It happens alongside the LA Artwalk and its a must-stop as you mowsy around Broadway and Spring Street.  Come visit, I'll be there! 

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