interests are interesting

in common with libraries

 anime, biblical studies, breastfeeding, buffy the vampire slayer, church history, classical music, cloth diapers, comic books, connie willis, cosplay, costuming, dar williams, doctor who, dorothy l. sayers, embroidery, fantasy, folk music, great big sea, harry potter, infertility, jane austen, joss whedon, knitting, liberal christianity, librarianship, libraries, lois mcmaster bujold, medieval dance, muppets, mysteries, neil gaiman, npr, pcos, red sox, robin mckinley, roleplaying, sca, science fiction, sewing, social justice, stephen sondheim, terry pratchett, united church of christ
Interests: photography, drawing, making/recording music, blues, jazz, Kentucky bourbon, absynthe, port, wine, cooking, veganism, upholstery, sewing, color theory, semiotics, tradition, etiquette, antiques, thrift stores, libraries, beat poets, american outlaws, US history, greenwich village

Interests: unschooling, homesteading, camping, parenting, sustainable living, natural living, gardening, reading, cooking, beer, wine, thrift stores, baking, outdoors, music, family, sewing by hand, tom hodgkinson, libraries, texas, sewing with a machine :-)

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