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Melanie Baladato is curating a new series of one-night-only, Salon-styled art shows at Clifton's Cafeteria in downtown Los Angeles.  Her inagural show "In Pursuit of Liberte" featured an eccletic mix of performance, visual, sculptural and new media artists, and took place on the night of LA's monthly Artwalk.  It was an honor to be featured amongst some of the most innovative and genre-pushing artists of our time. I'm so happy that so many of my UCSD Visual Art collegues are still currently producing and showing their art.  

I hope to participate in future Salon at Clifton's shows.  
Here are some of the artworks displayed that night.
6th and Broadway (downtown LA)
New Works by A'misa Chiu
(my original paintings were too... graphic for Clifton's
so I toned down and did some cosmic collages)

A'misa's newest photo collage series "Meanderings" is meant to guide the viewer into a labyrinth of alternative perceptions of liberty and freedom through the lens of the imagination, specifically the whimsical, figmental and bizarre.  The movement one must go through in order to find independence as an artist and a freethinker, is navigated through the landscape, whether the cosmic, the city, the country, or a combination of all three.

a performance by Zac Monday 



 photography by Glenda Jennings
A series of napkin sketches by Van Tran
below: an emphatic performance piece "In Pursuit of Serving"

Cloned Bull: installation by Thomas McDermott

Fabric Installation by Jose Luis Lopez
Scraping off the wax of the candle/fire performance

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Jenny Yang said...

this was awesome sauce. so glad i checked it out that hectic night!! :-) and btw, i'm a little behind on editing our podcast episode together. argh! tomorrow! soon! it'll be out! :-)