zine grrrlz

A couple of months ago I joined the We Make Zines network, to get out of my zine-blues.  There I met Disco Deirdree, editor of Gag Me With A.. zine.  She is super inspiring in her creative nature, and just the type of spirit I was searching for!  It's been quite encouraging to have my collage artworks being published by local zine makers.  I encourage you to submit your artworks and writings to local publications and periodicals.  Check out duotrope.com or my 'get ur fix' page for links.

Cute care package from dear Disco Deirdree!
Stoked about this hot little zine coming out of Long Beach, love the cut and paste style! 
Honored to be a contributor for Issue 2 & Issue 3!

You all should submit too! 

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