level: difficult

what do you want to make?
photographic collages and segments of text bound together, with the intention of keeping a cohesion of experience.
what do want the receiver to experience?
images and text provoke a sense of wonderment, pondering, critical questioning of one's role in society, and society itself, dreamlike state-as peaceful and frightening as possible, because that is the reality of human existance.  as well as my journey as an artist who is attempting to cross into the academic realm of that which is the craft of books, and writing, with the intention to learn the technologies of the letterpress & other bookbinding equipment.  
what processes do you intend to use and why? 
using media from the 80-90s, such as National Geographic, Time, and Life, piecing together a narrative, of text and image, as well as considering the binding of this time capulse.  
how many do you intend to make?
one. 100 pages, each page will be sections of text/images. the pages will be deemed appropiate in whatever object or form the sections of text/images can be inserted upon.  
text may be xeroxed, appropiations from various sources may occur, and found objects will most definitely be there.   
what materials do you intend to use and why?
paper scraps, recycled goods, things laying in my garden, Magazines, glue, cardboard, inks made of found objects. crocheted pages. 

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