art in context

what do you want to make?
what do want the receiver to experience?
what processes do you intend to use and why?                           how many do you intend to make?
what materials do you intend to use and why?
-Shelia de Bretteville, designer at Feminist Studio Workshop

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Tom said...

what do you want to make?
paintings or conceptual art pieces

what do want the receiver to experience?
for painting, the recognition that the woodgrain is a large part of the piece, visually and that the wood grain patterns contribute to the created images.
for conceptual works it depends on the piece, but the works are usually rooted in performance art ideas somewhere along the way.
I also hope that spectators become inspired by my works in unexpected ways, hopefully for conversation.

what processes do you intend to use and why?
painting is done on woodgrain now, it is a necessary element to my paintings since I create an image based around the pattern of the woodgrain.

current conceptual works:
- Burn-in Portrait: proposed the image burn-in that occurs on plasma screen TVs as "painting" to a show in Slovenia. Image burn in occurs when plasma screens are left on too long with a static image up. Themes: deconstruction, flaw as aesthetic, exploration of post existence (considering the TV as a material form that refers to the past)

-Performance Through Objects - in progress... 1) Book - a group of people read a book by reading a page, passing it to the next person and having them continuing from where they left off. The book continues being passed in this way. The time it takes each page to be read is recorded. When the piece is on exhibition, the pages will turn by themselves, in accordance with the time it took to read each individual page

2)Door - a recording device tracks when the front door to a house was open. the door is place in the gallery, and swings open to emulate the timing the door was opened as people entered and exited their home. The idea is to have the door sitting in one frame, then when it opens it swings shut to another frame adjacent to it, continuing in this way.

-Xerox Works: 1)pointillism drawing, one of my grandfather and one of me. Through various xerox copies the images will be burnt out and blended together. 2) old family pictures, converted into xerox burn out images, abstract

-Soundwalk Piece: Recorded footsteps will play throughout a hall, panning from speaker to speaker. The hall will lead into a room where canvases with embedded speakers are playing verbal descriptions of a painting. Some descriptions might be academic, others might be plain and to the point, another will most likely be a composition of various tracks which have been spliced into a nonsensical word-collage-recording.

how many do you intend to make?what materials do you intend to use and why?

wood grain paintings: many more, just going to keep going with them and see what happens.

conceptual works: I will probably always make conceptual works throughout the rest of my life. The materials will vary, since the piece is more about the indication of an idea. I would like to continue exploring performance through means of material forms though.