In full F(ree)*art production mode, in preparation for debut F*art show at Tuesday Night Cafe (TNC), I've been spending free moments in the evening crocheting away.  Made some pole cozys- left one at Nijiya parking lot (got taken down in 2 days!!!), and saving most of the neon pink, yellow and blue stripe pools for other occasions. 

So with yarn on my mind, I was chatting with Linzy (fashion designer, cookie baker, all around cool person) when I noticed that she has a buttercup yellow and white crocheted cozy around her can of beer. She tells me a story about how her boyfriend's auntie's husband told his brother that his grandma made them!! Or at least had them in her house. Grandma knew that our hands always get a bit too cold while clutching onto our drink cans.  She solved our problems, even now.  

Newest f*art project: Cancozys
avoid "slippery damp hands from wet beercan" handshakes
chillin' with rosemary
first try, was a bit big... and floppy

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