With no words but these:

Push yourself beyond yourself.  Go farther than you have currently gone.  Seek your passions like you are passionate.  Find yourself in those passions.  Just be yourself, and know that that is good.  Do not worry about your future, about your career, about fortune and fame that is not here; These are not important.  Look at now, look at who you are, and who you wish to be.  Be that person.  

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Olivia Cassidy said...

Like my English 1A class, what I love the most are debating and in-class writing. Debating widens my perspectives of their experiences or their aspects. Meanwhile in-class writing which I didn't expect to do good, eventually I realized it made me write effectively in the limit of time.
I like to read comments that people have towards the objects that they are attached to. Some of those strangers share the ideas that you have never ever imagined those thoughts are exists in human brains. Frequently those comments surprise me and some times I try to think like what they think and the results don't come positively. The bottom line is we are all human beings but somehow i wonder whether it's necessary to click "like" or "agree" on the matters that you feel opposite, or those buttons are made to be pressed just to notice that your thoughts have just been read.