the middle of my REM cycle comes during my first class of the day

i'm not a morning person. i will never post or feign awakeness before 10am.  somehow i forgot these when signing up for classes in college. i would confidently sign up for the 8am and the 9am, convincing myself that i would be alert, awake, and learning during these classes. 

i told myself, they are classes like the history of photography, myths and ritual art of the subsaharan africa, a study of asian american literature from the 80s to present.  these classes interest me.  they intrigue me.  i want to learn all these things. 
i realized, i wanted to learn, yes, but at noon.  or better yet at 6pm at night.  i will never know how I woke up to catch the bus at 7:45am every morning when working in Atlanta.  that is a complete mystery.  didn't even miss the bus once, the whole year.  wow.  

suddenly now, a normal evening doesn't stop until 2 or 3 am, and then suddenly like a brick, my body shuts off.  usually my brain is more hyperactive than my body, and i can stay talking and thinking even though my eyes are shut and body unmoving for the last hour or so.  i used to believe that i was listening and retaining information, even though i drifted off to sleep every twenty minutes or so.  i once believed that i could read those sleeping time notes, and still understand what was being talked about. i had high hopes for myself.

now as i consider graduation programs, i will remember that i can't schedule classes before the 10am mark.  i am most awake by 11am, and on top game at 7pm.  knowing your body is just as important as trying to learn new information, and better than that, retain that information.  

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Olivia Cassidy said...

i have recently realized that the hot shower didn't help me stay awake after 11 p.m. anymore. I feel energetic and creative about 11 p.m. till 2 a.m. I am blank during evening time. Several times that i look at an object in different period of time, i found out that my creativity and imagination knock at my door at late night. If i don't write i will dream. :)