directions in decisions and discernment

the looney bin is a small antique-thrift store on Gardena Blvd, that has been serving the community's desire for antique, vintage, and the odd for the last 30 years.  a bicycle ride took us there one day.  after buying an old postcard or two, i mustered up the courage to ask if they had any compasses for sale. there was one old, dingy compass in the glass case, and low and behold, it was in my budget ($3). 

i have been preparing an emergency survival kit.  its a duffle bag with a change of clothes, washcloth and bar of soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, extra socks, can opener, copy of our driver's licenses and passports.  it sits next to the emergency first-aid kit that my mom made alex and i for a wedding present. rapture, hurricane, or impending earthquake. we are ready, though if it was the first choice, do we need our passports for heaven? 

in a matter of survival, compass was on my list for a long while.  now working compass is on my list, as my $3 slurge, is making me a bit insecure.  the true north is only sometimes north, which will make trekking out of the wilderness much more difficult.  i also have been thinking of a symbol motif for life right now, and i have come to terms with my obsession for directions.  many times in our journeys we come to a fork in the road.  perhaps its not about making a good decision as it is knowing what is the right direction to walk towards.  maybe having a compass is more important than a watch.  i thought about a tattoo of a compass, but it wouldn't be a working one.  so i'm opting for a necklace compass, one that i can wear and guide me towards a truer north. 

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