guerrilla gardening, phase 0.5

This is phase 0.5 of Narinda and I's guerrilla gardening project.  We are currently scouting out different vacant spaces to plant edible and non-edible herbs, flowers and other plants to beautify and feed the local peoples.  This particular space that we are "adopting" is in Pacific Square parking lot.  The soil was softer than I imagined it to be, and we planted a small succulent to 'scout' and 'test' the land.  

In phase 1, we hope to gather a group of willing folks to help churn the soil.  It was be a twilight endeavor, around 5p-8pm, date TBA.  Comment if you want to help dig up this plot.  We need shovelers! There is also an ample supply of broken concrete pieces that we need help painting.
this is our scout, testing out the land
Adopt a vacant parking lot divider!

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grow little buddy, grow!