a gassy saturday

i've been riding the bus lately, especially when i need to get to downtown.  
i like the waiting for the bus to arrive, to people watch, and the fact that though i'm 
still sitting in a bit of traffic, i can read, write and crochet.
well, i was gassy today, and f*arted all over LA,
I yarnbombed the metro silver line.
mr. bus driver even let me on with no toll! made my day.  
how did you know that i was broke that day and was going to pay for my busfare with all dimes...
I arrived at JANM to see a panel on "the role of Nikkei newspapers: From Newsprint to New Media,"
it was pretty good
i'm really impressed and inspired by the Nichi Bei Weekly now
then I made my way down to the arts district,
 I yarnbombed the Hive Gallery (7th/spring) too.
Alex had his first piece here-and his Honeybeast rocked!
we joked that this cuff would be on this folding chair forever--
but nothing is forever, or is it?
i had a good time crocheting in the corner, listening to the live music, 
while the whole gallery was busting at the seams.  


Olivia Cassidy said...

Your trip reminds me of my old day when i had regularly taken buses to school since i was 11. Luckily, you dont need to deal with traffic like Bangkok like i used to. There, you could easily spend two hours traveling for only two miles. Motorbike taxi is one of good options in rush hours if you dont mind dealing with polluted smoke. Nowadays, Bangkokians hang our lives with Sky Train. :)

theFourthie said...

anthony bourdain (chef, author, host of no reservations) went to haiti earlier this year and sean penn acted a his guide. here's what bourdain' says:

"Above and beyond showing us around the tent city of 55,000 souls that he helped found and continues to help administer, and explaining to us articulately and with real passion the complex needs and problems of a country in desperate need of a break, [Sean Penn] pointed us to the incredible artist’s colony in the middle of densely packed maze of crumbling, cobbled together shacks in an inner city shantytown. Here, in total obscurity–and with barely a hope in the world of ever selling a single work, amazing craftsmen are making art every day. They live in tiny sheds. A bed surrounded by stacks and stacks of their work, most covered in dust."

do your thang.