ATL, Thats whatsup.

Joyce and I rendevouzed in ATL at the buttcrack of dawn on Friday, after flying the red eyes from Oakland and LA respectively, and ran around like crazy mamas for 2 days.  We ran into each other in Phoneix.  I only noticed her in my stupor because her cute scarf caught my attention.  Haha.  How could one of my best friends walk right by me and all I see is a nice patterned scarf.  oh my.

We rented a Yaris (I loved it) and drove to Decatur to see Janice!  Janice and I worked in a cafe-kitchen for a whole year.  She is one of most dedicated volunteers you'll ever meet, so full of life and energy and humor.  We talked at hyper speed for 2 hours, and still felt a little bit unfulfilled, so we followed her to the Chamblee St. Paul de Vincent Thrift store, where we scored some major awesome dresses and jewelry. We made plans to see her again!  We swung into the Korean market to get some marinated beef, lettuce and other deliciousness.
Knitsushima hits up Decatur's Java Monkey at an 'early' coffee date with two of my favorites,
Joyce and Janice!

After finding the Delp's place in South Atlanta, we caught up with Jeff, Katie and the kids, stuffed our faces with Korean BBQ, and then took naps that left us moaning and groaning in fatigue. We pried ourselves up and went to go pick up Faith in Thomasville, our old stomping grounds.  We passed by the pentitenary, the church that tricked us into buying their rib lunches.  We ran over about 4 glass bottles and I was beginning to regret not buying the $7 insurance.  We drove over to Atlantic Station and Faith wanted Asian food because she was celebrating her birthday with her Asian sisters.  The place Tin Drum was skeptical, but after seeing about 6 Asian eating happily, I said ok.  Faith got Pad Thai, Joyce Red Curry, and I Green Curry.  It was good, Faith ate bamboo and with chopsticks.  We talked about men, ethnic studies and Jermon, Faith's 11-year-old son!

a Sonic moment with Joyce and Faith
cherry coke with real cherries, ah!

Feeling like it wasn't a good night out until we got some Sonic's or Miss Winners (though that chain went bankrupt!! NO, they had the best sweet tea ever).  We drove, notice how we are NOT taking the stupid bus EVERYWHERE, down Moreland Avenue, and said hello to Kroger's, China Inn, the bus stop where we waited with watermelons, soda can flats and groceries every Saturday, and the Foxy Lady. We got our desserts in the form of sugary cokes, and we talked more about race relations and how community changed our lives.  Faith got us all emotional, and we hugged and made the girl take our picture when she got off shift.  Then we dropped her off.  I asked Joyce if she wanted to drive past the Constitution Apartments and she had a look of death, but she consented.  Bibleway and Atlanta Youth Academy were still looking good.  

The next morning, we picked up groceries (ok, it took us so long to find a grocery store... we settled on Food Max) and headed off to LaSonta's new pad.  We were anxious to get there and see her and the kids.  We only have 6 hours to soak it all in.  Their house is a quaint little 2-story abode nestled in the woodsy forest, and the school is walking distance away.  As we parked, we heard tiny voices screaming down the driveway, and Belicia, A'sonte, and Kenia were running at us.  There was hugs and tears and laughs, and cards exchanged.  We all carried the food in, Lady handed me baby Elijah, and I cuddled him the whole rest of the day.  
Ridiculous blurry picture of Lady, me and baby EJ

Here's mama and baby now!
Where we just moving around that much?? Really....

Then Kaitlin arrived, and there was another round of hugging and emotions.  When you see someone that you haven't for 3 years, you can tell when you see them in person.  Kaitlin tells of a new boyfriend, a tattoo, graduation and a new living space.  A'sonte is a good helper in the kitchen, and Belicia asks me if I remember the time we ate 'Bug Pancakes' for breakfast.  We all relax on the living room floor for the rest of the afternoon, crocheting, drawing, napping, and catching up.  It feels like a typical Saturday afternoon with all of us there in one room again. 
Ms Kaitlin Hey and A'sonte pretending to hide behind a cup.  Both were so grown up!
And Kaitlin with tattoo!!! OMG. Love it.
A quite serene moment with the ladies.  The picture makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.
ATL, you have my heart.
Flooring it up, like old times.

Cootie Coo & Sleepy Poo & Joyce zoned the f* out
Beliknitta, doing the chain, and doing it well.
We gots a young yarn bomber on our hands.  Watch out.  She is borrowing her mom's needle.
We made crazy crocheted hats in the past.
Scraps of life

Joyce, Kaitlin and I scamper off to try to catch Jeff and Katie before they take off for the night, and we miss them because the GPS f* up, and gets us lost, taking us in the ridiculous backroads.  But to their surprise and loving amazement, Devron is babysitting the Delp kiddos.  There is catching up before Joyce and I head over the Boldts house for dinner.  Janice cooks a delicious Southern cuisine of meatloaf, mash potatoes, cornbread, bluecheese salad, and icebox lemon merigine pie.  We were stuffed and the conversation with her and Don was refreshingly interesting.  We talked of Catholic priests, how they met in an artstore, raising a kid and being a hippy, jobs, wood working, tattoos, being an artist and collector, Jesus as radical social worker, etc.

Joyce and I drove home late into the night, left a snack for the Delps as a thank you, chatted with their housemate Mandy, and stayed up the whole night catching up, until 5am when we drove the airport to drop off the rental, just to talk more in the airport lounge, until I had to go catch my flight.  It was a teary goodbye, but so glad that I revisited all my loves in Atlanta, GA.  Soon friends, soon again, and longer next time.  
All grown up Devron, and Joyce and Kaitlin are so happy. 


Olivia Cassidy said...

need "love" button.

theFourthie said...

this seemed like a difficult post for you to write, in that it was very chronological and informative/straight forward. i loved it though, you made me get all teary again.

and you are so right--i was ZONED out in that picture. hahahah. thank you for enduring my whiny, needy ass on that trip! you are a trooper.

and an fyi, it's devron :) tevin is the oldest one.