ex-patriate artnites

We had a collage night.  
We stuffed our faces with truffle cheese and crackers, drank copious amounts of wine and water, and talked about vibes, souls and of our destinies. 
Is this starting to sound like some new age type of art club?
Sorry, it wasn't.  But I naturally speak in vibes, always have, always will.  

Lisa said she wished to be a saxophone player someday, so I showed her "Sexy Sax Man."
Hyo, the ex-pat, is comedy, by the way.  
I now want to WOOF (organic farm) more than ever.

I want more of these types of nights, please.
by Lisa Brantley
"west indies jesus"
by H.f. Davis
"Screenshots of Asian Girls"
by a'misa chiu

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