Glitter Glitches

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Technology has improved so much in ten years.  The quality of printing and the dimished pixelation is quite astonishing.  But what if you happen to like shitty printing of a pixelfied image of a cosmic star.  

I love seeing the boxes of color.  Belinda Vong told me of a quilt that she made out of a pixelized image of herself, where each square of color represents a pixel.  It was genius.  I ooo-and-ahhed, and told her that she is a genius, she notes Chuck Close.  

Belinda Vong, Self Portrait Quilt, UCI
Still from a fonevid, my room 2011
on-going collab with emily rabinowski & alex chiu & me (which i haven't done anything YET)
i didn't do this---ek, i forgot where i found this... flickr, um....

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