abandoned zoo and the best places to pee in LA

Alex and I usually don't celebrate our anniversary or Valentine's, though this year, we decided to take the day off and hike around the old Griffith Park Zoo.  Abandoned in the 60's, the zoo was left as public property, and has since become a breeding ground for boozin', cruisin' and snoozin'.  I guess also for picnicking.  We brought a healthy picnic consisting of a torpedo sandwich, ruffle chips, chocolate chip cookies, homemade bread pudding and red wine.  We got all tipsy, which made climbing around the gorilla cages that more dangerous, but it was worth it when we hiked into the hills.  Also we needed to pee, so we climbed high up and peed downhill.  And the view was stunning.  

Good thing nature called, or we would have missed the look out point.  LA, I'm learning to love you.
Old Griffith Park Zoo, you are the best place to pee, I mean, be.
The gorilla, he's escaping!
Picnic for 2
Inside the monkey cages
Third Wheel
New punx haircut by Alex
Off the beaten trail, and also a good place to pee
I wanted to take a nap in here

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