we once did the dance

via the fourthie
"The word community has many connotations, some positive, some negative. Community can make us think of a safe togetherness, shared meals, common goals, and joyful celebrations. It also can call forth images of sectarian exclusivity, in-group language, self-satisfied isolation, and romantic naiveté. However, community is first of all a quality of the heart. It grows from the spiritual knowledge that we are alive not for ourselves but for one another. Community is the fruit of our capacity to make the interests of others more important than our own (see Philippians 2:4). The question, therefore, is not "How can we make community?" but "How can we develop and nurture giving hearts?""


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theFourthie said...

i feel like this is one of the most important but hardest things to nurture in ourselves. it scares me to go back to something so intimate and selfless. i understand it's not by my strength but his but it doesnt make it any less easy. :/