an undeniable intention: 

-write as frequently as possible (everyday), labeling each entry by day
-hone in on texture, mood, setting and feeling 
-be honest in my writing
-be imaginative in my writing
-character development, moving from 'he' 'she' he she' to names and faces
-move beyond short vignettes, and begin to piece together a loose narrative
-continue to doodle alongside writings
-critique other's writings, as well as my own
-explore inter-disciplinary ideas
-edit my work, even if it means deleting or adding onto older posts
-begin to explore my city, making notes of characters, places, incidents as reference
-read just as much as i write, and update "things that inspire me list"
-collaborate with other writers so i don't feel alone in my writing
-don't be a self-conscious writer, just write-- WHO CARES?
-be still with my writing: stew in it, dwell in it, be it.

And now we move forward into the abyss, into that unknown, unformed place called:

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