i embark into worlds unknown, and laugh at all the possibilities

library hunting is wonderful, especially when surprisingly small locations have everything you were looking for-


1. Kindred- Octavia E. Butler
already i am enamored by the time travel and the geneology that is weaved in a simple story of a simple woman, as a boy, who seems to be her great great grandfather summons back again and again to "save" him.  
2. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter- Carson McCullers

3. The River- Rumer Godden

4. The Diddakoi-Rumer Godden
this short read was golden. 
it made my gypsy blood run wild within me, and yearn for the good in people.
5. The Glass Castle- Jeannette Walls
according to fourthie and aya, this one rules.  

6. C-Tom McCarthy
the remainder confused me. hopefully this one shines more light.

7. Penny Ante 3-Rebekah Why
holy shit. i am so glad that i found out about this publication.  where can i get 1 & 2!?! can somebody get this for my up-coming birthday! AHHHHH. totally mind f*ck inspiration psychedelic weirdolandia heavens-ville. Lovin' it.  Thank you Ms. Why. You are my hero.

let the learning begin. oh, i love being captured in the imagination and prose of others.  feeling what they feel. i just hope that nothing is too nihilistic and cynical, because after Camus' The Stranger, I feel a little like a wet smelly mop with no purpose other than to look at the bucket and long for cleaner water, never making the attempt to change anything.  i also hope that i come into a place where painting is something that the weekend can afford. i leave you now with hopes of a suckerpunch wet dream.


theFourthie said...

the glass castle was (and i HATE using this word to describe things) AMAZING. her story is out of this world and at times i feel like she's making things up because it's so unreal. it's heartbreaking, and really inspiring to read about her strength in the midst of it. i hope you enjoy it!!

(lately i cant read intense books, so im sticking to fairly easy fiction novels. what was she thinking-notes on a scandal was a great read if you're into "fluff".)

aya NISHIHARA said...

just wondering why "redeeming love" isn't on this list of yours... oh wait - is it because you REFUSED to read it every time i asked you to read it?!?! hahahhaa.

i don't remember what the glass castle was about but i recall it being good and i read it in just a few days - i'm going to go read it again. and hopefully read some of the other books on your list. ;)