i am so jamming on the same frequency: this enchanted land of art of infinity

i know. i know, lately i've been just overwhelmingly inspired by painters and writers, especially the imaginative story teller ones, as for the explaination for the lists and youtube videos. it was a total dry spell for the last couple of months, mainly because i feel that my focus was more upon events and others, than it was on my own well-being.  yet now being in a space where i can explore lurking interests through some newly acquired reading material, from my wandering in and out of more LA independent bookstores, i am now seeking to understand all that surrounds me, and this culture of fellow art makers, which is why i was more so an art theorist than an art maker in college.  though i have been s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g my creative muscles and writing everyday and in zine making workout phase. Been thinking about the radical publications/zines created by Asian American activists from the 70s til now, like The Asian American Journey, Gidra, Bridge, Yellow Pearl, etc, and how current day small presses and publications are continuing that tradition of educating and informing the populus of current day issues, like Jaded of UC Irvine. it's not a hidden fact that my DIY Grad School education is like a school girl on crack and caffine.  I am all over the place~just as confused and inquistive as I should be.

alex and i have officially moved in, and its cozy here.  we have breakfast together, he makes coffee and toast. right now, he is working to install drywall and insulation on the SHED Gallery (everything is a mess right now). my work at UCLA Special Collections is exhausting at times, but I may be coming into a new vocation of archivist (going to a conference for beginning archivists in march)! who knows, maybe i'll learn a thing or two, and be well equipt for the community center library that we wish, hope and pray will happen someday (Oh please generous wonderfully inspired rich benefactor, please come and provide the resources for this to someday happen....)

bread pudding and crunches. 
let's go.

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