vacancy is potential is movement

space is a loaded gun of potential
where the public and private intersect,
merging into a form of communication, of conversation, 
of a dialectic choreography of play and work,
of signs and symbols,
skipping between the legal and the allowed,
and pushing boundaries, always.
 vacant space is potential exponentialized.
the possibilities seem endless, we just have to choose one path to proceed,
for it is either to choose, or to remain unmoving-stagnant-still.
stillness being the death of potential.
 spaces are sometimes created to be vacant,
and thus becoming sites of curiousity,
allowing one to wonder
what could i do in this vast and empty space?
how can i help change the world, one moment at a time?
 perhaps to change a space, all one needs to do is to 
create that which is inside of them
to express fully themselves
in order for the world, and for themselves, to truely see
what was being cooped up by the talk of potential.

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