i journal quite obsessively.  for years now, i have tucked memory, dream, thought, hurt, love, and all the significant and insignificant moments in the pages of notebooks, planners, diaries, on bits of scratch paper, on post-it notes.  i keep all my journals on a bookshelf, all in a row, year after year, only to look at what i write or draw in retrospect.  when i started blogging a few years ago, i saw that blogging and journal writing wasn't that different, except blogging was for the public eye.  i became comfortable with exposing my internal self to the voyeuristic other, enjoying the cathartic release of emotion, and the bearing of my inner soul on the internet.  blogging has led me out of being merely an artist in the context of my journals, pushing myself to share myself with others.

this zine is a result of many years of journaling and blogging.

--a'misa chiu

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Baron von Chop said...

I enjoy reading what you write. I try to read everything you post, though I don't comment. Does that make it voyeuristic? I think you are very brave for sharing your thoughts so openly, and I hope I can take inspiration there to write more, myself.