in thinking today, my brain began to hurt.
i began to wonder what my brain even looks like.
if it really looks like those jello molds.

 i've very attracted to etchings right now.  
especially of animal and vegetable.
human anatomy is a bit frightening to me,
its not that i'm afraid of blood,
only of alex chopping off his finger when sawing
and me having to put his dismembered finger on ice, squeezing 
the finger stump, so not to have an enormous loss of blood.

maybe tonight is a strange night, 
and i'm tired of all the bullshit, and 
just would like to exist in a world where
things were fuzzy and soft, like cotton candy.

my favorite of the bunch is one with a skull and 
a scene of church.  it comes from a website 
where nothing good comes of... and that makes
me feel weird on the inside.
lately i'm attracted to the darkness,
though the darkness leaves me quite scared.

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