orange and green lizard

For years now, my dream life is as vivid as my waking life.  so naturally when i watched Inception, it deeply resounated with me.  I too trap former selves and partners into moments where I can view ourselves and figure things out slowly over time.  I too become confused of the fact between waking and dreaming, not ever knowing if i am sleeping or if i am really experiencing things.

i dreamt last night that i was swimming in the ocean with a friend.  i was about waist deep in the water when i spotted an enormous lizard, colored bright orange and green, with a huge alligator jaw, staring at me.  i became quite still, afraid that if any sharp movements would provoke it.  i found myself hiding behind a metal chair that was parked on the sand. as i crouched just down below the lizard leaped at me, only getting a bite of the chair.  

then it swam away towards my friend, who was swimming carelessly near this cave.  the lizard must have swam next to her because it disappeared for a bit.  before i could warn her, the lizard popped its head right in front of the mouth of the cave, and did a huge backflip in front of her, swallowing her up when it came up.  that was the last time i saw her.  

end of dream.

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theFourthie said...

have you seen this friend in waking life again?