den days

 when yumi visits, veggie food feast happens
(sesame marinated tempeh, stir-fried ramen with collard greens, miso zuccini, 
roasted bussell sprouts, panfried savory kobucha pumpkin gyoza)
when theo visits
drawing happens

theo getting his beard painted on

life has been a whirlwind of experiences. first of all, paul and monica's wedding- it was beautiful, and it made me see and appreciate my brother for who he is today-congrats guys.  i enjoyed the museum of jurassic technology this weekend (alex's first-time) but my first tea-room experience. it got me very interested in what they refer to as 'true memory' or the 'cone of obsilence', basically, how one remembers and the past just being the decay of one's existence.  lisa yano visited (and it was wonderful hanging out with this lady- she inspires me towards teaching and being real with one's situation).  

new book: the Way of the Heart by Henri Nouvwen

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