wedding blur

its official.
alex and i are now

here's some snaps of the 'day of'.

back alley entrance way
(a bit ghetto, i know, but hey, whatever works, right?)
photography by adrienne gunde (coming soon!)
makeup by joyce kim
hair by tiff shinoda
these girls did me up! 
bach and i
close heart friends
florals by tiff too
ryoko the most beautiful spirit
and pianist!
my dear friends, vanessa and dean, helping capture the day
some calm Matsushima men
we packed it in like sardines
you traveled near!
you traveled far!
brooklyn, oc, bangkok, portland
music by ryoko and kenneth
sound by justin
sumo the chinese-coated ring dog
pastor dave shinoda married us
on the podium that alex built
a lei of thoughts and an inspired reading by
pam goto (hanelei, hawai'i) and joyce kim (berkeley)
tribute to our parents
 (aka when my false eyelashes decided to come off 
because i couldn't stop crying whenever
 i looked at my parents or at alex)
community blessings
the kiss
empty nesters
mr and mrs alex chiu!
matsushima clan
kaneko cousins
pismo kids
(more reception shots later...)
tiff and lisa witnessed
this is us right after we signed the documents
of course, alex is wearing his favorite Jose Angeles' deformed head shirt.

thanks for roy and susie for the candid photos
mucho gracias!

1 comment:

Baron von Chop said...

The danger of being tall: you show up in every possible picture.

Congrats so much to both of you, again! I have some pictures I've been meaning to send you of the wedding. You may have to bug me for them from time to time before I remember to actually zip them up and send them.