these next few days
are full of preparation and 
if the day will be perfect and sunny and comfortable
that everyone will have a good time, basking it the reunion that it will be

but as alex and i try to figure out the next steps
we are seeing that the hum of the wedding
has made us unable to really assess our lives
and listen for guidence on the next step

see one time alex asked if he should drive or not
the next day he got into a car accident that totaled his car
he did not drive for 2 years

the voice of God speaks clearly if you ask
now we are at a time of asking for 
wisdom, guidence, strength

we do not ask for warm wishes but for advice
we do not ask for presents but your presence
we do not ask for coordinating colors and white tulle, but for your support and friendship

this is indeed a large broom stick that we are jumping over
i do not know what is on the other side
according to family, it is a time of domestication or just lots of new dish towels and pot holders
i'm okay with that, i like to cook
but i do not like to be put into boxes of what life is, or not suppose to look like

and it might rain on the wedding,
so bring an umbrella.


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theFourthie said...

beautifully written ann. left me speechless.