grand starry eyed

this is the first wives club
quasi-sucessful career power women pose
tiff and zo.  
you both leave me quite speechless in how much of life's path we have tread down.
we are all honest learners from the school of hard knocks, 
years pass and yet i feel at home in you. 
this is our new rockin' hair cuts.
tiff generously primped us up spiffy for the wedding
 its nice to not feel like a total bum, all the time... 
please book with her if in the berkeley area at festoon hairsalon
 this is my outfit, no.2
choose what i feel most comfortable in
cheetah print... go figure
gold sequin veil: closet find
earrings: via joyce kim's jewelry stash
i also love the sliver of zo's face
 this is moni and me
she is mind prancing, i'm a bit estastic
that she and paul are getting married soon.
they are a better fit that i could have ever imagined for paul.
 this is tiff. 
she drove down, boot and all, and simply has and continues to be 
one of my most valuable sound-true-wise voices of my life.  
she is a true light and beautiful spirit that i hold very dear. my sister soldier.

 this is tina.
she is a guardian spirit whose counsel i hold dear 
and whose gifting in music and in advice are solid, honest, and real.  
she is one of the most gentle souls, but has a drive and passion like a lion. 
 this is grace.
she is a leo, i am an aries.  soul mates, i think it is.
our friendship has been a rollercoaster of life's experiences 
and i've cried and laughed so many time with her.  
we just vibe emotionally.
 cheers Grand Star.  

yumi--you draw like you dance, with lightness, with detachment, with no awareness of eyes upon you, and i love that.  you are always simply just living your life, and i am so glad to cook, lounge, draw, work alongside you.  it has been such a pleasure to create and live together.

hyo--you are simply quite awe-inspiring, ms davis.  your eye for color, texture, and people is something divine and i am eternally thankful for having a co-conspiratorer who sees the world as the mosaic it is! i'm glad that life has brought such strong presences in my life, and you are certainly one of those other-worldly people. 

zo--there are millions of words, and all i can think of now, is hope.  you are my hope in humanform. the one that continues over and over and over to amaze, inspire and create renewed hope in the future, humanity, my own life.  we have seen so much together and so much apart, but it is your continual search for meaning, truth, and purpose in God that keeps me coming back to our friendship, despite time, place, situation.  i love you and i am so glad that we are family. 

shoutouts to emily, amanda, jenny, zo, grace, tina, tiff, moni, yumi, and hyo!

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Yumi Sakugawa said...

You have so many beautiful and amazing friends who love you because you yourself are such a beautiful and amazing person inside out! like attracts like <3