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A’misa Matsushima Chiu
Los Angeles, CA

Education                      Bachelors of Arts, Visual Arts- Art Theory and Criticism, 2007
                                        University of California, San Diego

Employers                      Events Coordinator, Neighborhood Grinds
                                        Redondo Beach, CA (June 2009- Present)

                                       Waitress, Grandview Palms
                                        Culver City, CA (May 2010- Aug 2010)

                                        Editor and Publisher, Eyeball Burp Magazine
A Los Angeles-based arts and culture periodical
Culver City, CA (September 2008 – Present)

Sites                                www.colorishdreams.com
                                        Personal website and blog

                                        Founder of Eyeball Burp Company website and blog

Groups/Projects            DIY Grad School (www.diygradschool.com)
                                        MFA Candidate, Co-founder, Contributor

The Undeniables Writer’s Workshop (www.amisachiu.wordpress.com)
                                        Contributor for Los Angeles-based writing collective

                                        Wells (www.myspace.com/wellsofpeople)
                                        Vocals and Percussion for band

                                        Tuesday Night Project (www.tuesdaynightproject.com)
                                        Organizer and Visual Artist for multi-disciplinary performance space

Mission Year (www.missionyear.org)
Grassroots Community Organizer, Social Worker
Atlanta, GA (July 2007- Aug 2008)

Events                            Slum Circus (Chuco’s Justice Center, Inglewood, CA)- Guest Artist and booth (Aug 2010)
The Impromptu Dinner Party (Culver Den, Culver City, CA)- Performance (Aug 2010)
Inspired By: Signaling Book Release (Chopsuey, Los Angeles, CA)- Live Art (Aug 2010)
                                        MFA Showcase (Culver Den, Culver City, CA)- Organizer, Host, Presenter (Aug 2010)
                                        Horror Canyon (Culver Den, Culver City, CA)- Organizer, Host, Performance (July 2010)
                                        Tuesday Night Party (JACCC Plaza, Los Angeles, CA)-Organizer, Muralist (July 2010)
                                        Attack of the Megalodon Show (Neighborhood Grinds, Redondo Beach, CA)- Organizer (July 2010)
                                        Tuesday Night Project (Aratani Courtyard, Los Angeles)- Poetry, Musical Performance (July 2010)
Salad Days Movie Screening (Culver Den, Culver City, CA)- Host (July 2010)
Autofreak (Little Tokyo Galleria, Los Angeles, CA)- Guest Artist, Poetry for the People (July 2010)
                                        Indy Euphoria 2 (Scottish Rite Ctr, Sacramento, CA)- Special Guest Artist and booth (June 2010)
                                        Pixel Power: Alex Chiu (Glass House Record Store, Pomona, CA)- Live Music Performance (June 2010)
                                        Flash: A Night of Art + Music (Gardena Dance Studio, Gardena)- Organizer, Host, Music (May 2010)
                                        Indie Craft Show (Neighborhood Grinds)- Organizer and booth (May 2010)
                                        Face Club (Suzuran, Gardena)- Live Art and Projection (May 2010)
                                        The Wanderer’s Donut Party (Miss Donuts, Gardena, CA)- Organizer, Host, Performance (April 2010)
                                        Good Neighbors Knitting Club (Neighborhood Grinds, CA)- Organizer, Host (April 2010)
                                        Puppet Café (Neighborhood Grinds, CA)- Organizer, Puppeteer (March 2010)
                                        Indy Euphoria 1 (Scottish Rite Center, Sacramento, CA)- Special Guest Artist, booth (Jan 2010)
                                        Drink (Coffee) and Draw (Neighborhood Grinds; Redondo Beach, CA) – Host (Dec 2009)
                                        Puppet Café (Neighborhood Grinds)- Organizer, Workshop Host, Puppeteer (Oct 2009)
Summer Reading Program Celebration and Face Painting (Carlsbad Learning Center, July 2009)        
The Wanderer’s Dinner Party No.1 (Café Roma, La Jolla, CA) – Music, Art, and Food (Jan 2009) 
Holiday Craft Shop (Price Center Ballroom East, La Jolla, CA) – Crafter (December, 2008)            
Sound Walk (East Village Art District, Long Beach, CA) – Live sound performance (Sept 2008)                                                                                                                            UCSD Senior Art Show, 2007  (Mandeville Studios, La Jolla)- Artist (May 2007)
                                                            NoMart (UCSD Library Walk, La Jolla, CA)- Artist, Performance (May 2007)
                              Pulp 2.3 (Warren College, La Jolla, CA)- Collage Artist (June 2006)

Publications/Press               Eyeball Burp No. 1-4, Editor, Publisher, Contributor (2008-2010)                                                             
                                                          Daily Breeze, “Drawn to a Creative Lifestyle,” July 16, 2010                                                           
                                                          Intent.com, “How to Make a Zine” Video, July 2010                                                                                       
                                                          Gardena Valley News, “Art goes Eyeball to Eyeball with Art at the Dance Studio,” June 3, 2010         
                                                          Group Poop, Contributor and Publisher (2010)                                                                                      
                                                          Abreast: a feminist newsletter, Contributor (2007)

Programs                                   Experience with InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator

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