night bird

i've been slumping
comparing myself to everyone except my own shadow

she talks of shadow selves and the thing that you are most insecure about 
is probably the thing that makes you most angry about in others

so i started thinking about all the people that sometimes
frusterate me, and its been revealing
about myself

lately my life seems at the polar opposite place as others
when they are in their leisure moments i'm in a work zone,
and when i am leisurely, they are working
but i'm use to working nights, i always have

either night classes, or closing shifts, or just plain insomnia

tonight i'm printing Eyeball Burp 4.  It is beautiful. 
The writing is inspirational, and all the images are fantastic.

still in wedding planning mode, trying to gather as much help and courage as possible
while still maintaining a good attitude through it all
i just hope everything goes smoothly and people have a good time with each other
i'm very excited to see friends and family from all over the place!!


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