written in hindsight

"generations are defined in hindsight, and by history, and its going to be history that writes this book on this generation." anya kamenetz

the term, millenials- describing a generation of young people growing up in the 2000s

informal learning

Despite everything, I'm on the prowl for a job, perhaps editorial, perhaps events planning, perhaps community organizing.  Is anyone looking for a passionate, young person with InDesign skills and the ability to get people enthusiastic and excited about "your company", while honing in and developing new skills to better help me on my own personal projects, like Eyeball Burp Publications and DIY Grad School.  

Oh universe, place the right people in my path so that I may obtain such job.  

So that I no longer have to wipe droll off old men's faces as I force tepid orange juice to them at 7:30 in the morning. 


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