Celebrating the LA book release of "signaling" at Chopsuey in Little Tokyo
traci kato-kiriyama is a signaler.

she asked me why i named one of my drawings "signaling", and i simply replied, "There are those who have come before me.  Many whom are shining their lights, like lighthouses in the distance, "signaling" the path for me.  There are many signalers and many paths. I'm just glad that there are those who have come before me, and those who will come after. Perhaps I can be a signal one day."
this is a gem. please pick this up.
ink brush pen on paper
(work in progress)
this was my first "live art" painting session.  The canvas I had was massive.
this is 4 hours worth of progress.
Yumi and I want to live paint as street performers, at the Metro, in parking lots
(i'm secretly really happy that we wore masks for part of the night... )
THAT painters.
Karmen bought the Eyeball Burp Tres cover! yay!
traci and i, south bay mamas
live painters extraordinaire!
funnnnnnnnn, and my legs are sore. 

(joyce and lasonta, you will soon experience the poetry of tkk. get ready)


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